SynQR – Measure Your DAW’s Video Offset with Your iPhone. Reliably. In Real-Time.

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In audio and video post-production, achieving perfect synchronization between audio and video signals is crucial for a seamless viewing experience. However, latency caused by processing on separate hardware and varying video codecs can often lead to out-of-sync playback. SynQR tackles this issue head-on, providing accurate and real-time video offset measurement for seamless audio-video alignment.

Accurate and Convenient Video Offset Measurement

With SynQR, you can eliminate the guesswork involved in estimating video offsets based on 2-pops. Simply point your iPhone’s camera at the video screen while playing either a classic film leader or one of SynQR’s dedicated test videos. These test videos, available for download on our website, utilize a sequence of QR codes to guide the measurement process. SynQR then displays the offsets in real-time, both in milliseconds and quarter frames. This real-time feedback allows you to make immediate adjustments to your setup for optimal synchronization.

Compatible with Popular Editing Software

SynQR seamlessly integrates with industry-standard editing software like Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic Resolve, AVID Media Composer, Final Cut X, Nuendo, and Studio One. By providing accurate offset information, SynQR empowers you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure perfect audio-video synchronization across your workflow.

Target Audience:

  • Sound Designers: Achieve perfect lip-sync in your sound design projects with SynQR’s accurate video offset measurement.
  • Film and Video Editors: Eliminate out-of-sync playback and ensure seamless audio-video alignment in your video editing projects.
  • Home Theater Enthusiasts: Enjoy a perfectly synchronized home theater experience with SynQR’s real-time video synchronization capabilities.

Download SynQR today and experience the power of real-time video offset measurement for flawless audio-video synchronization in your post-production workflow.

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To get started with SynQR, follow our comprehensive guide.

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