SynQR – The iOS solution for measuring video offsets in real-time.

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Are you struggling with out-of-sync video playback? Do you feel uncomfortable guessing your DAW’s video offset based on a 2-pop? Say goodbye to guesswork. With SynQR, you can measure the video offset of your playback system in real-time.

In DAWs and NLEs, audio and video are processed on separate hardware. This often leads to latencies that result in synchronization issues. Additionally, different video codecs can introduce varying offsets too. SynQR is a tool that accurately measures these offsets and displays them in real-time. Armed with this information, you can easily adjust your setup to achieve perfect synchronization.

SynQR uses classic film leaders or special test videos for measurement, which can be downloaded at

Whether you’re using popular editing programs like Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic Resolve, AVID Media Composer, Final Cut X, Nuendo, or Studio One, the offset information provided by SyncQR helps you make the necessary adjustments and optimally synchronize your audio and video signals.

Who is SynQR for?

• Sound Designers, Sound Editors, and Re-recording Mixers

• Film and Video Editors

• Home Theater Enthusiasts

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